Bio-Terrorism Reponses

Protecting Our Country

Since Passport Health is the leading provider of specialty vaccine services nationwide, we were called upon to administer antibiotics and anthrax vaccine during the post 9/11 anthrax crisis at postal facilities in Washington, D.C., Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey and to tabloid workers in Palm Beach Florida.

Our ability to respond and mobilize highly trained medical personnel on short notice at multiple sites set the stage for our expanded Bio-Terrorism Response Program initiatives. Passport Health has since vaccinated specialty groups nationwide with anthrax and other specialty vaccines for readiness. We have also trained Department of Defense and White House medical staff on the smallpox scarification process. Passport Health has tailored programs to meet the needs of various specialty groups including foreign governments.

Passport Health is also working closely with pharmaceutical companies and university based research institutions on clinical vaccine trials.

In addition to our nationwide network of highly trained medical vaccine specialists, we have an expertise in security. Passport Health, under the direction of Peter Savage former CIA agent and author of The Safe Travel Book, has put together anti-terrorist contingency plans for overseas government facilities and can prepare such crisis management plans for corporations or to meet requirements of national and local governments.

With trained medical staff across the country, Passport Health is uniquely prepared to respond to any nationwide bio-terrorism crisis. Our experience in training and educational programs can amplify results by working with and for private and public agencies. We are experienced, prepared and ready to respond to any nationwide vaccine administration, training and/or educational program or study.

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