Clinical Trials

Looking Into the Future

Passport Health, with over 125 locations in the United States and Puerto Rico, is in a unique position to conduct vaccine clinical trials for pharmaceutical companies, governmental agencies and universities. All sites are staffed with experienced registered nurses and physicians who have completed extensive vaccine/immunology training.

Standard equipment includes monitored refrigeration, locked storage, bio-hazard disposal, etc. Location, location, location is key to our nationwide site selections and all offices offer easy access with free parking in both urban and suburban settings—further enhancing clinical trial recruitment and retention efforts.

In the past, we have worked on clinical trials for Anthrax, Hepatitis B, Influenza and Yellow Fever — all with excellent participation and follow through. Passport Health’s ability to recruit participants is unmatched, as we draw from a large pool of clients who continue to come to us for vaccine services.

Senior staff members are GCP certified and our clinical research coordinator oversees all trial management, documentation and reporting. Our senior programmer has developed private on-line sites for surveys, questionnaires and diaries, for secure participant reporting. Furthermore, our experience with developing manuals, tool kits, protocols and consents has proven to be extremely valuable to our clients. Passport Health’s secure web site is used to disseminate all necessary materials to our nationwide network. We currently operate a 24/7 call center staffed with experienced nurses who take vaccination calls for DoD members, their families and the private medical community. This service can also be made available for the duration of the study and after.

If we are unable to recruit from our patient population due to specialty requirements of the study, we are able to quickly implement recruitment efforts through our up-to-date data bases which target travelers who have used our services in the past, primary care physicians, corporations, corporate travel managers and the media. Passport Health also publishes a newsletter that circulates to 1 million clients and referral sources that can be utilized to educate and recruit participants. Our professional Public Relations Department can develop timely press releases to enhance recruitment through the media.

Passport Health’s ability to manage large scale clinical trials through our nationwide network of vaccine clinics is unmatched. We have strategic partnerships with several world renowned U.S. hospitals for in-patient challenge studies and maintain contacts with medical facilities in Ghana and India to name a few.

Once an investigational product is FDA approved, our clinic network will be well versed on the benefits of the product and will promptly incorporate it into our product line for a smooth transition from trial to launch.

Please call our Clinical Research Department at 410-727-0556 for more details.